Testing 1, 2, 3

Hello everyone. It’s me, Eddie!

I’m an award-winning iPhone, Android, and even Windows Phone app developer. I’m a bilingual musician and song writer. Oh yes, and a serial startup entrepreneur. And a public speaker. And a life coach. And, well, that’s enough.

I’ve been doing apps and websites from scratch for 15 years, but alas, I decided to start playing around with this crazy WordPress, in part because of a client, and I began to experiment — publicly (yikes!) — with various themes until my new site goes up in the next few days. Crazy, huh?

But, it’s OK. Really. I’m still here.

If you have the world’s next killer app idea, or need a conference speaker, life coaching, just email me at me@eddieandrews.com and I’ll get back to you and make the app magic happen, or start prepping my notes, giving you steps to move your life to the next level, or whatever you need me to do.

In the meantime, add this page to your favorites, and let’s get busy making 2016 the best year ever.